Playful Columbus, IN

Columbus, Indiana was once named one of the Ten Most Playful Towns and it’s easy to see why! It’s also known for its modern architecture and public art! It has been listed as one of the 62 Reasons to Love Your Country. Fans of Cummins engines should love Columbus as it’s the home of Cummins Inc.!  #FunFactFriday
Youth Villages lives the #YVKiteLife in Columbus helping at-risk youth and their families. We are offering a $3,000 sign-on payment and up to $5,000 relocation reimbursement to have qualified social services professionals come help further our mission of helping children and families live successfully! Click here to learn more and apply:

Mission focused, Memphis proud – Meet YV 360 alum, McKayla!

She may not be a fan of BBQ, but she loves living in Memphis! Other than the diverse community, Memphis city-wide pride, and delicious tacos from Babalu (her top choice), what’s keeping McKayla in the Bluff City?

She’s able to live out a mission she believes in: helping youth and families be successful! 

It’s hard to believe it was just 2 years ago that McKayla Coleman met a staff member from Youth Villages at Oklahoma State University’s career fair and decided to apply for the YV 360 Career Development Program for recent grads in Memphis, TN. Fast forward and now she is an integral part of the recruiting team at Youth Villages helping to connect qualified candidates with meaningful opportunities to support our families and grow as professionals.  

McKayla Coleman

The YV 360 program is designed to help bridge the gap between college and career, hiring on 15-20 recent grads pursuing a career in the social service field as Behavioral Youth Counselors, working in our residential treatment programs for youth with behavioral and mental health needs. For the first 10 months working with us, members receive additional training, support, and mentorship.

We checked in with McKayla to hear a little more about her journey with Youth Villages.  


“I was initially drawn to the Career Development Program because I didn’t just want a job out of college, but I wanted a place where I could gain experience and grow as a professional right from the start as I transitioned into the “real world” after school. I was placed at the Girls Center for Intensive Residential Treatment (GCIRT) working with a group of 15-18 year old girls.”  

During her year experience working there, she gained valuable exposure to the mental health treatment field. McKayla admits it took a little while to get adjusted to the environment, not having worked specifically with girls who’d experienced trauma and had such significant behaviors.  

She credits her growth throughout this last year to her incredible team at GCIRT who encouraged, challenged, and supported her, but also the cohort of other YV 360 members and leaders.

“Being a part of the monthly consultations and having the support from Ms. King & Mr. Mitchell (YV 360 leaders) was so valuable. As a team, we got to share highs and lows, and brainstorm new interventions to implement with our youth. We also got to meet and talk with leadership, like our CEO & chief officers. It’s so exciting to feel a part of something bigger, where from top to bottom, everyone is on the same mission!”

There were chances for leadership development, through researching & presenting a project on non-traditional therapy techniques to leading an in-depth tour of GCIRT for residential directors. McKayla was also paired with a clinical leader as a personal mentor, where she got to meet 1:1, attend clinical consultations, and got connected to other areas of the organization.

From social outings, a retreat to Georgia, and this intensive experience together, it’s no surprise that the YV 360 group bonded and developed supportive friendships, which McKayla particularly values, having relocated to Memphis for the job.

After the 10-month commitment, with members graduating but still employed full-time, some go on to pursue growth opportunities within the organization. McKayla wanted to help youth, armored with a bigger view of the mission after working at GCIRT, and pursued a role in recruiting. She is now utilizing past marketing experience and is excited about helping our growing teams. Meanwhile, a couple other 2017 YV 360 graduates were promoted to supervisors, while another was promoted to a position within YVLifeSet, providing services to young adults transitioning out of foster care.

“In recruiting, I love meeting people who are passionate about what they do. I highly recommend that if you’re wanting to work with us, come with questions to see what truly will be a great fit. Be willing to challenge yourself. Don’t count yourself out – take advantage of opportunities where you can grow!”

We’re currently interviewing for the YV 360 2018-2019 class, which will start June 2018.

To be considered, submit an application here. 



Bloomington Blooms

When Bloomington, Indiana was established in 1818 by settlers, they named it Bloomington because they were impressed with “a haven of blooms” there. It continues to be beautiful and a location that’s known for being extremely bike friendly. #FunFactFriday
Bloomington Blooms
Bloomington is also well known for Indiana University Bloomington, as well as several other institutions of learning such as Indiana University School of Education, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University Maurer School of Law and the Jacobs School of Music. As a result, there is a large variety of opportunity for great intellectual interactions and events.
Eleftherios FB Scaled
Youth Villages is currently looking for Family Intervention Specialists to help work with at-risk youth and their families in the awesome environment of Bloomington. Come live the #YVKiteLife with us and enjoy a $3,000 sign-on payment and up to $5,000 relocation reimbursement! You can learn more about the opportunity and apply here:

Education Interview Day 10/17 : Join the Force

Many of our young adults who receive various Youth Villages services, like the ones pictured below, go on to graduate high school and college. We are so impressed with their hard work, resilience, and determination!

Did you know that Youth Villages has fully-accredited schools on our residential campuses to make sure youth in our care receive more individualized instruction & support? Here in Memphis, we’re in search of dedicated licensed teachers who want to help our youth stay on track with their educational goals & succeed when they transition back into their communities.

If you’re inspired by these young adults and have a TN teaching license, apply for an upcoming interview day on October 17. We’re offering a $2,000 sign-on payment & $2,000 relocation assistance.

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Interested in joining our growing Mississippi team? Join one of our recruiters for a live online info session! October 11 @ 10am CST

Screenshot (3).png

If you’ve got 30 minutes to spare, come learn more about opportunities in Mississippi! It’s a live info session- a great way to get your questions answered and make a personal connection with a YV recruiter.

Sign up today!


Meet Leah – UChicago grad finding community & purpose as a social worker in East TN

“I am originally from Western North Carolina, so the mountains of Tennessee felt like “home” after living in the big city [Chicago].  Though I have only been in East Tennessee for a few short months, I have been struck by the sense of camaraderie and community here. 

About a month ago, I was driving through Greene County seeing clients.  A woman was at a stop sign with her hazard lights flashing.  I rolled down my window and asked if she needed help and she said, “I need to push it into that parking lot to get it out of the way.”  I pulled over to the side of the ride and, before I could even turn off my car and get out, five people had stopped and were ready to help her push her car.  That level of community is incredible to me and I’m fortunate to live in a place where that is the status quo.”

Leah Bouchard, a Family Intervention Specialist with Youth Villages, describes her community in the mountains of East TN. She started working in Johnson City just a few months ago in June after graduating with her master’s from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.Leah Bouchard

When asked to describe herself and her interests, Leah says, “When I have time off, I do my best to spend it with my family.  They are extraordinarily hilarious, big-hearted people. I love reading, writing, painting, and watching reality TV” (so obviously we’re excited to get to know her more!) Looking forward to our annual employee conference coming up in November where staff (old and new) across the country get to spend time together as a larger  YV family!

Leah brings an enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to her work that has a ripple effect of impacting her community as she provides intensive in-home treatment to youth and their families. We checked in with her to hear more about her background in social work and what she’s learning right now.

How did your experience at University of Chicago prepare you for work in the social work field?

My time at the University of Chicago gave me an understanding of institutional oppression and historical trauma and how it affects the way people think, feel, and interact with the world.  My work as a social worker is largely systems-based and rooted in the understanding that nothing happens in a vacuum – everything is connected to everything.  The University of Chicago played a significant role in stretching my perspective and exposing new and intricate systems at play in my work and in the lives of my clients.

What is the most rewarding part of your role as Family Intervention Specialist? Most challenging?

I love connecting with my families and seeing their journey up close week after week.  Families entrust us to come into their homes and offer them support and encouragement in their day-to-day experiences.  I hope I always find that humbling; however, it is not without its challenges.  We often step in the middle of emotional turmoil and chaos to support families as they untangle it.  It is difficult to separate yourself from that experience – to walk away and not think about the family and their strengths and their struggles as you carry on with your own life.  It is fortunate that colleagues, supervisors, and friends are readily available to help us take a step back and form a boundary.  Connecting with people can be rewarding and challenging.  That distinction hinges on the level of self-care and the existence of healthy administrative structure.

Why did you choose to work at YV and how did you hear about it?

I first heard about Youth Villages when I was an undergraduate student in Boone, North Carolina and was instructed to interview a non-profit in the area.  My team chose Youth Villages, whose Boone office was relatively new at the time.  I was impressed with the close attention paid to administrative social work and its influence in the clinical social work world at the agency but, headed straight for graduate school, I did not give it much thought for employment.  I was reminded of Youth Villages when YV “swag” started popping up all over the University of Chicago’s SSA building due to the agency’s working relationship with program faculty.  As graduation neared, I began to look closer at Youth Villages.  I was seeking a work environment that paid attention to a healthy culture and climate and supported its social workers in their current and future roles.  My understanding was that Youth Villages fostered this type of environment.  After applying and interviewing with the Johnson City office, I was confident YV was a natural fit.

****Any Chicago-based people or UChicago students reading this? We’ll be on campus next week! Come meet Youth Villages at the Fall Internship & Career Fair on Thursday, September 28 from 12pm – 4pm at Ida Noyes Hall.****

How have you seen yourself grow while working at YV?

I have grown most significantly at Youth Villages in the way I reflect on my interactions with families and adjust my style and method to better reach their goals.  This seems like an obvious step in the social work profession, but it can be easy to forget when you are frustrated and seeking an end goal you are not meeting.  Youth Villages and the leaders in the Johnson City office encourage self-reflection as the first step when treatment is not going as planned.  Now, taking pause and reflecting on my own role in the therapeutic process is my go-to when a family is struggling to meet treatment goals.

We’re happy to have Leah as one of the dedicated YV team! If you’re also interested in joining our team in East TN or across the country, check this out (and we’re offering relocation assistance!)






Meet your recruiter: Calvin starts off college recruiting season with a trip to the Hoosier State!

Fall means it’s college recruiting season! Meet one of our regional recruiters, Calvin, who works hard to spread the word about YV across the country and connect top talent with opportunities in our behavioral and mental health treatment programs in OK, IN, GA, OR, FL, & AL!

First stop of the year – Indiana! This will be his second recruiting trip to the Hoosier state. First impressions? Calvin was impressed with the level of preparedness of students at Indiana State University and enjoyed the beautiful campus & meeting students in classes during his visit to IU Bloomington.

calvin (2)

He’s looking forward to meeting more students this trip at Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne (IPFW) and Indiana State University. If you’re on campus we hope you’ll stop by at the career fair booths or stay after class and introduce yourself!

Calvin was born and raised in Memphis, TN and is a proud alum of Whitehaven High School (Respect Da Haven) and Austin Peay State University (Let’s Go Peay!) with a bachelor’s in communication.

He originally chose to work at YV starting back in April 2016 because he was looking for a place to connect people with opportunities. He really enjoys the “home-grown, family atmosphere” you find among co-workers, teams, volunteers, and programs.

“There’s nothing like seeing someone in our new hire orientation class who you met at a career fair or had a phone call with and being a part of helping them find a place to pursue their passion.”

As a recruiter, he’s on the internship or job seeker’s side – wanting them to help find a fit where they can make a big impact on the kids and families we serve. And through his experience recruiting at Youth Villages and past work experience in the career services world, he’s got some wise words of advice for those exploring opportunities.

“Do your research on any organization you’re interested in. Understand your skill set and how you can be an asset to support the overall mission of the organization, which for Youth Villages would be helping our kids and families be successful.”

Youth Villages is expanding programs throughout the country, so Calvin and other recruiters are actively recruiting for several different community-based programs across the state in Jasper, Madison, Bloomington, and Indianapolis (and if you’re looking to leave Indiana after graduation, he can talk about those opportunities & relocation assistance too!)

So stop by, say hi, give him some good local food recommendations, and learn about opportunities with YV.

You can meet Calvin here:

  • Indiana State University 
    • Hulman Center
    • Wednesday, September 20 from 10am – 2pm
  • Indiana University-Purdue University-Forth Wayne
    • IPFW Field-house in the Gates Sports Complex
    • Thursday, September 21, 2017 from 12pm – 3pm



Aren’t going to be able to make it but want to know more about opportunities in Indiana? Sign up here for a brief online info session about Indiana opportunities on Thursday, September 19 at 4pm CST/5pm EST.


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