Meet your recruiter: Calvin starts off college recruiting season with a trip to the Hoosier State!

Fall means it’s college recruiting season! Meet one of our regional recruiters, Calvin, who works hard to spread the word about YV across the country and connect top talent with opportunities in our behavioral and mental health treatment programs in OK, IN, GA, OR, FL, & AL!

First stop of the year – Indiana! This will be his second recruiting trip to the Hoosier state. First impressions? Calvin was impressed with the level of preparedness of students at Indiana State University and enjoyed the beautiful campus & meeting students in classes during his visit to IU Bloomington.

calvin (2)

He’s looking forward to meeting more students this trip at Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne (IPFW) and Indiana State University. If you’re on campus we hope you’ll stop by at the career fair booths or stay after class and introduce yourself!

Calvin was born and raised in Memphis, TN and is a proud alum of Whitehaven High School (Respect Da Haven) and Austin Peay State University (Let’s Go Peay!) with a bachelor’s in communication.

He originally chose to work at YV starting back in April 2016 because he was looking for a place to connect people with opportunities. He really enjoys the “home-grown, family atmosphere” you find among co-workers, teams, volunteers, and programs.

“There’s nothing like seeing someone in our new hire orientation class who you met at a career fair or had a phone call with and being a part of helping them find a place to pursue their passion.”

As a recruiter, he’s on the internship or job seeker’s side – wanting them to help find a fit where they can make a big impact on the kids and families we serve. And through his experience recruiting at Youth Villages and past work experience in the career services world, he’s got some wise words of advice for those exploring opportunities.

“Do your research on any organization you’re interested in. Understand your skill set and how you can be an asset to support the overall mission of the organization, which for Youth Villages would be helping our kids and families be successful.”

Youth Villages is expanding programs throughout the country, so Calvin and other recruiters are actively recruiting for several different community-based programs across the state in Jasper, Madison, Bloomington, and Indianapolis (and if you’re looking to leave Indiana after graduation, he can talk about those opportunities & relocation assistance too!)

So stop by, say hi, give him some good local food recommendations, and learn about opportunities with YV.

You can meet Calvin here:

  • Indiana State University 
    • Hulman Center
    • Wednesday, September 20 from 10am – 2pm
  • Indiana University-Purdue University-Forth Wayne
    • IPFW Field-house in the Gates Sports Complex
    • Thursday, September 21, 2017 from 12pm – 3pm



Aren’t going to be able to make it but want to know more about opportunities in Indiana? Sign up here for a brief online info session about Indiana opportunities on Thursday, September 19 at 4pm CST/5pm EST.


Great Times in Greensboro, NC!

Enjoy history? Greensboro, NC was named after Major General Nathanael Greene who fought fiercely in the Revolutionary War! He actually lost a battle, but inflicted enough casualties on British General Cornwallis that Cornwallis decided to retreat to Wilmington.

Like sports? Greensboro is home to the ACC headquarters as well as a baseball team, soccer team, and NBA D-League team! #FunFactFriday


Greensboro is also home to transitional aged youth who need help learning life skills! We are hiring for YVLifeSet Transitional Living Specialists. We are offering $2,000 sign-on payments and up to $4,000 for relocation! Do you have what it takes? Apply here:


Therapeutic Drumming in GA – a safe space for kids who have experienced trauma

Youth Today shared a powerful video that shows the impact the therapeutic drumming program has had with youth at our Inner Harbour residential treatment campus in Douglasville, GA.

“A lot of our kids, who have been through sexual and physical trauma, are disconnected emotionally from their bodies [for survival reasons],” said therapist Tom Harris, who brought drum therapy to Inner Harbour Campus in the ‘90s. “When they start drumming, which is a very physical thing … they start reconnecting with their bodies emotionally in a powerful and positive way.”

Read more and watch the video here.

Snip - therapuetic drumming

Want to be a part of the trauma-informed treatment approach at Inner Harbour?

Check out our openings here.


Teaching In Memphis, TN!

At Youth Villages, teachers live the #YVKiteLife by teaching at-risk and emotionally disturbed youth. In non-traditional classrooms, teachers are able to work with small class sizes of about 11 youth and can therefore provide individualized instruction and care for their students. It’s a truly unique opportunity to shine above the rest. #FunFactFriday
We have a variety of positions available, including Math and Social Studies teachers and even some positions for Teacher Assistants. Working with Youth Villages as a teacher, you’re really able to build skills that traditional classrooms don’t provide. There is also a lot of opportunity for growth at Youth Villages and you can move up faster than in traditional school settings. We truly offer an experience unlike any other.
Our students are unique with their behavioral and mental health backgrounds, so you’ll be making a huge difference in their lives. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are limitless. Come join us!
Go to and search in Memphis, TN for our teaching opportunities. Many of them offer relocation assistance and sign-on payments!

From start-up to regional supervisor: Erica Robinson helps Oklahoma programs succeed

Erica Robinson is originally from California, started with Youth Villages in Massachusetts, has lived in 8 states, and now is a regional supervisor in Oklahoma! Other than her love of traveling, how did she end up there?Erica Robinson photo

We checked in with Erica to learn more about her journey.

“I attended the illustrious Tuskegee University where I received a Bachelor’s in Psychology and furthered my education at Rutgers and Barry where I received my MSW in Clinical Social Work,” Erica explains. She was initially drawn to Youth Villages when she was looking for a place to put her clinical background to work providing therapy for children. She came across our Intercept program in Woburn, MA, providing intensive in—home treatment for youth and families. She did her research and was impressed with the dedication and positive research results following youth & families’ success in the community after receiving YV services.

She started in 2013 and a couple years later found she wanted to move closer to the west but didn’t want to leave YV. Thankfully, Youth Villages’ national & growing presence provided an exciting opportunity.

Youth Villages expanded to Tulsa, OK in 2014 and Oklahoma City in 2015. Erica got to be a part of the start-up in Tulsa which opened up some new opportunities.

“I kept seeing the Job Force (internal career opportunities) emails for Tulsa, googled the area and decided to go ahead and apply (after talking with my supervisor)!

While working at YV, I think that each position I have held has pushed me to grow. Being a part of the Tulsa start up was definitely a tremendous growth point. For example, I hated public speaking. Now it has become a part of my job and I have become much better at it and I actually love it now. I enjoy building relationships with others in the community and telling about the great work that YV is doing in OK.”

And the adventure isn’t just limited to the workplace:

I am not from Oklahoma, but my favorite part of living here is the outdoors, really. I’ve been camping, in a tent, at least once every year since being here. Before, no one could convince me to stay in a tent. I’m more of a glamping type of lady. I’ve become adventurous!”

Oklahoma City and Tulsa are looking to grow their Intercept teams, and are offering a $2,000 sign-on payment and $4,000 relocation assistance for qualified Family Intervention Specialists. A master’s degree in a social service field is preferred, but bachelor’s degree in a social service field required. Ideal candidates will have clinical intervention and treatment planning experience and experience working with youth and families.

“There are so many rewarding parts of my job, but if I had to name only one I would say knowing that I am leading/ developing multiple teams that are going above and beyond to make sure that families and youth succeed (That could probably also be the most challenging part!)”, Erica says.

Come join Erica and be a part of Youth Villages Oklahoma’s success!  




Need a few extra Z’s?


baby yawn

Sleeping plays a huge role in overall wellness so be sure to get the sleep you need to have a successful day. Below


are a few tips from Berkeley Wellness to help you catch those Zzzz’s at night and sleep like a baby!

  1. Eliminate noise: wear earplugs or use white noise to create a quiet, calm environment.
  2. Make your bedroom sleep-friendly: get dark shades, wear a sleep mask or turn your clock to the wall to prevent worrying
  3. Create a routine: set a regular time to go to bed and get up daily and stick to it
  4. Sip, don’t gulp: drink less liquid so trips to the bathroom for limited
  5. Be active: exercise regularly
  6. Reduce Screen Time: limit your use of devices with an LED backlit screen close to bedtime
  7. Don’t lie awake: if not sleep after 20 minutes, do something that relaxes you until you feel sleepy
  8. Curb your worries: find ways to resolve the issues that cause you to worry

Looking for a company that values overall wellness? Click over to and find the position that best fits you!

“Building something great” – Julian Johnson on learning to lead well

I’ve always said that Deer Valley is the perfect place to get know who you are as a person and grow professionally at the same time,” says Julian Johnson, one of the program managers at our residential treatment program for boys in Linden, TN.

After graduation from Alabama State with a degree in recreation therapy, Julian wanted to find a way to truly make a difference working with youth and families at a place where he believed in the organization’s values. He found Youth Villages, and started off as a recreation therapy specialist at the Girls’ Center for Intensive Residential Treatment in Memphis, TN.

“After two years in the Memphis programs, I chose to apply for the Recreational Therapy Manager position at the Deer Valley Campus [in Linden, TN]. The Recreational Therapy Manager position allowed me to gain some insight on what it means to be a leader on campus. I understand how important it is to provide quality service not only for the youth but also for the staff as well.”

Since relocating to Linden and working at Deer Valley, he’s continued to grow and implement these values as a leader in the recreation therapy department and now in his current role as Program Manager. julian johnson

“ The most rewarding part of my role as a Program Manager is the opportunity to interact with our youth on campus and watch them grow to become a better version of themselves through Youth Villages. Our youth work extremely hard at focusing on their treatment and it is a joy to watch them met their goals.

The most challenging part of my role is making sure that I am providing quality service to our staff that report to me on a regularly basis. I pride myself on being a team player and I want to make sure that our staff always know that I am here to support and help with their development as they continue their career through Youth Villages. I try my best to work hard for my staff because I expect the same effort from them as it pertains to their role on campus.”

He’s quick to point to Deer Valley’s director, Carlos Hawkins, as an example of excellent leadership.

“I have to give our campus director, Carlos Hawkins, majority of the credit on why I chose to work for Deer Valley. Carlos is truly a people person and there is nothing like working hard for someone who you know has your best interest at heart. Honestly, it’s one of the greatest transitions I’ve made in my professional career and I’m glad I took the chance to work at Deer Valley.”

Julian sums it up well – “I believe we are building something great here at Deer Valley and I am very excited about the future for our campus.”

If you’re looking to gain leadership experience and work alongside other committed leaders like Julian and Carlos, consider a move to Deer Valley.

Now hiring for :

Cottage Supervisor ($5,000 relocation assistance & $2,000 sign on payment)

Night Shift Supervisor Assistant (Relocation Assistance)

Nurses (RN & LPN) ($2,000 sign-on payment)

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