Christina Williams #cookevillechamp

Interviewed by Tarekia Dentley

Did you know that Youth Villages, a national leader in the children’s mental and behavioral health field, has an office in Cookeville, TN?

One of our many programs in Cookeville, our Intercept program, is designed to serve those children who are at risk of being removed from the home. The program specializes in diverting youth from out of home placements by helping families safely maintain youth in their home environment.

Meet Christina Williams, one of our Cookeville Family Intervention Specialists, currently working diligently to make a lasting impact on the families she serves.

Christina was born in Germany but moved to Colorado when she was 12 years old. Although she lived in Colorado most of her life, she really felt she needed a change.

You may be asking yourself why she moved from Colorado to Cookeville. Well, we were wondering the same, so we asked. Her response: “I have always wanted to move closer to water and I love the East Coast. Having lived in Denver for over 5 years, I decided that I didn’t want to live in a big city and I love that Cookeville is in-between two large cities!”

In her free time she loves to hang out with her dogs, cook, and watch Bama Football, “ROLL TIDE!”

What do you love about living in Cookeville? What do you do for fun?
I love the small town atmosphere and the great sense of community.  I have wonderful neighbors who help out and I feel that I was meant to be here.  I love to go out hiking with my dogs and just be outdoors.

What’s your educational background?
I have a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family therapy that I completed this year!

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Most challenging?
I love being able to work with families in their homes.  I have worked with children for many years and find that this is the best way to not only help them but also make them feel they have control over what happens more so than they do when they come in for weekly sessions in an office. The most challenging part is knowing that you will not always succeed.   

You joined the team in July – what drew you to Youth Villages?
I have a friend that worked for Youth Villages and said nothing but good things.  I also loved the opportunity for growth and the ability to work towards licensure.  

We are appreciative of Christina’s dedication to Youth Villages in Cookeville, TN and hope that you’ll consider employment in Cookeville as well!  Not local?  Ask about our relocation assistance and sign-on payment!  To learn more about our openings and to apply, click here.

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