Sonsehia Marshall #Gold Star Staff

Interviewed by Abigail Vander Laan

Did you know Youth Villages has fully-accredited schools on each of our residential campuses in Memphis?

This allows youth in our programs to stay on-track so they don’t fall behind when they transition back into their communities. The low teacher: student ratio and additional teacher assistants in the classroom also allows our students to receive more individualized instruction and support.

Meet Sonsehia Marshall, one of our Special Education Teachers, currently making a difference teaching math at our Girls’ Center for Intensive Residential Treatment in Bartlett.

She’s a Memphis native, born and raised.

In her free time she loves to read, spend quality time with her son, and travel!

What’s your education background?  Sonsehia

I have a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration – I attended the University of Memphis and finished my undergraduate studies at the University of Phoenix. I later earned my Master’s in Special Education, Modified K-12, Highly Qualified in all subject areas from Christian Brothers University.


Why did you decide to teach Special Education?

I’ve always been interested in teaching Special Education so that I can serve as a positive role for at-risk and underserved youth. I want to instill in them the necessary self-advocacy and coping skills so that they can be upstanding citizens in society, despite their disabilities.


You joined the team in June – what drew you to Youth Villages’ schools?

I’ve explored many different facets of Special Education, including all at an all-boys youth prison. I saw that there was a need for nurturing and firm Special Education Teachers for at-risk students and I knew that my talents would be appreciated and much needed at Youth Villages. Additionally, I am placed at GCIRT, so not only are my students enjoying Math, but I am fortunate to serve as a positive role model for these young ladies.

If you’re looking for a place where you can be an advocate for youth in our schools like Sonsehia, submit an application online at!


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2 Responses to Sonsehia Marshall #Gold Star Staff

  1. Maxine Gamer says:

    She, a smart and talented young lady, we need more young People like her, she goes above and beyond for these students. I salute you young lady.

  2. Mrs Marshall says:

    This is one of the best teachers I know in Memphis. Great job, Sonsehia!

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