Meet Jessica Moore, LPC – Regional Supervisor in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jessica MooreMeet Jessica Moore, LPC, Youth Villages’ Regional Supervisor in Tulsa, Oklahoma – one of Youth Villages’ newest locations.

What is your educational background?

MA in Christian Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Dissertation short of PhD in Counseling/Psychology from BH Carroll Theological Seminary

What did you do before coming to Youth Villages?

I had a private practice at a local church in Ft. Worth, Texas, then started with Intercept in Dallas in 2004-2007. Took a break and had children…came back to YV in 2010 at the Boys’ Center for Intensive Resiential Treatment, then the Dogwood campus, then as a clinical consultant for residential programs in Memphis, Tenn. prior to relocating to Oklahoma as Regional Supervisor of the Intercept program.

What do you love about your city/what do you do for fun in your city?

I love Tulsa’s friendliness and small town feel in a big city. It is a city in need of our services and I love that about it too. I enjoy hiking with my family on Turkey Mountain, a nature reserve in Tulsa, as well as enjoying the fun Tulsa downtown scene.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love sports…watching and playing them. I coach my son’s soccer team. I help run our youth group, sing in the praise band, and play the guitar at church (my husband is a pastor). My husband, two kids, and myself are all camo belts in TaeKwonDo and we go two to three times a week to work out and will be working on our black belts to be finished in a year. I love to read books about all kinds of things. I love spending time with my family who also live in Tulsa.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I love being able to see where a family comes from when we first start working with them to where they are when we have completed our work with them and all of the amazing changes they make and success they have because we have helped change a generational pattern of functioning. I also have LOVED setting the YV culture in a new office and a new state and leading others to love and respect this company as much as I do. I LOVE helping kids and families live successfully and doing what we say we do!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

It is challenging fulfilling and satisfying many competing demands while helping our staff maintain clinical integrity while helping kids and families succeed.

What is one fun/interesting fact about you?

I have studied at Oxford University in two different study abroad programs and actually met my husband, who is from the U.S., in Oxford.

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