Meet Macy Collins, Family Intervention Specialist in Johnson City

Macy CollinsMeet Macy Collins, Youth Villages’ Family Intervention Specialist in Johnson City and consider joining her to make a difference in East Tennessee! Apply at

What is your educational background?

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in social work in 2013 and also obtained my Master’s degree in social work at East Tennessee State University. In November, I obtained my LMSW.

What do you love about your city/what do you do for fun in your city?

I love this area because of the surprising diversity for its size. I love to meet new people and visit new places in the tri-cities area since I am not originally from here. I moved to the tri-cities area in 2011 for school and loved it so much that I stayed. Also, East Tennessee is beautiful and breathtaking!

What is your favorite part about working for Youth Villages?

I love working for YV because of the people from many walks of life that I have been able to work with. In addition, I love helping the children and families that I work with learn skills to live successfully. Also, my coworkers and supervisors are always helpful and ensure that I have additional support on a daily basis.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of this position would be balancing the many roles we play in this job such as case manager, therapist, facilitator, mediator, etc.

What is one fun/interesting fact about you?

I love to visit new places and get t-shirts from popular restaurants/events there.

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