Wellness Spotlight: Bart Croasmun of Paris, Tenn.

Bbartart Croasmun of Paris, Tennessee, has been with Youth Villages for more than seven years, serving in his current role of clinical applications specialist for six of those years. Read more of his journey of weight loss and improved health.

“They say the toughest step in any journey is the first one. I realized that about five years and 60 pounds ago. As I was sitting in my office enjoying what had become an almost daily consumption of an ice cream treat from a local fast food joint to combat the 2 p.m. drag so many of us know all to well, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders…and the weight of my belly in the waistline of my pants. I knew something needed to change, and although I had been extremely active in my past with exercise, I suddenly felt like the instructions I needed to get on track were written in a language I didn’t understand. Then, an email came across to me stating that a Weight Watchers class in our region was formulating but was short one person to qualify to having one in-house. I didn’t know if that was an epiphany or just my officemates’ way of gently acknowledging, “Hey, you’re obese and we need you to get this class started.” Either way I decided I really had nothing to lose, other than the weight, by joining. So I did, and little did I know how far that decision would take me. Over the course of the year I continued to attend that class and put the knowledge I was gaining into good use. I stopped trying to find the quick fix to my issues and finally accepted what I already knew to be true, I didn’t get that big overnight so why should I expect to lose it by the same theory? I began to really watch what I ate, tracking it everyday, and logging it for me and my coach to review. It didn’t take that long before I found the right algorithm to not just lose weight, but be healthier in all aspects of my life. The more I stayed committed to that, the easier it got to say “no” to my dietary enablers: ice cream, soda, and processed foods. I still stay in contact with them, I just don’t invite them to my get-togethers. I don’t let them come over anymore either, I only bump into them at someone else’s party now. It’s still kinda awkward being around them but I manage.

I still have my struggles and lapses where the passion of good food overpowers me and I give in. But overall I am winning the war. I exercise almost daily now. I participate at a crossfit gym at least three times a week, and will begin training very soon to run my seventh half-marathon since I started my weight loss journey. It can be done, it just requires two seconds of courage say “yes” and commit to change.”

Congratulations to Bart! Youth Villages offers the Weight Watchers benefit along with many other health and wellness benefits. Join Bart in our Paris, Tenn. office to being your career at Youth Villages: http://www.youthvillages.org/jobs.

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