Meet Mark Miller: Veteran and Clinical Supervisor

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Today we celebrate veterans and especially all of our employees that are veterans and have served our country. One in particular with a phenomenal story is Mark Miller, Clinical Supervisor in our Chattanooga, Tenn. office. To join Mark’s team, apply for a position in our Chattanooga office at and read his story below.

Mark J. Miller has served his country with honor, distinction and courage. During deployments to Iraq and other classified deployments, Miller earned the Purple Heart, Army Commendation medals for valor and many other medals during his service. Miller is a member of the Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He has earned distinguished awards, and is a member of the Veterans Hall of Fame for the state of Georgia and 23 Infantry Division.

Miller joined the Army, and was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington as a member of 23rd Infantry Division. Miller also was attached to 2nd Ranger Battalion during his service. Miller learned a lot about leadership and himself during his deployments. Miller learned about true sacrifice, perseverance, team work, loyalty and that being shot at is no fun.

Miller’s unit was uncovering a large weapons cache in Ameriah Baghdad on June 1, 2007, when a pressure plate improvised explosive device (IED) exploded. The initial explosion caused Miller and many others to be severely injured. After that the insurgents opened up on them with small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades. Miller was unable to see or hear, but he continued to fight and assist his fellow soldiers. A secondary explosion caused Miller to lose consciousness.

Miller was treated at the combat support hospital in Baghdad’s Green Zone for a traumatic brain injury and shrapnel wounds. Miller had to under go a number of surgeries and over three years of physical therapy to recover from injuries to his back, hip, and brain. Miller was also diagnosed with PTSD.

Miller credits “the life skills he learned in the Army, his amazingly supportive wife Brittany, and most importantly his dependence and relationship with Jesus Christ” to help him recover from the PTSD and the physical injuries. Miller no longer has any issues or difficulties as a result of PTSD, and he has overcome many of his physical injuries. Miller was medically retired from the Army, and he now spends his time with his loving wife and their four children. Miller is a Clinical Supervisor in the Youth Villages Chattanooga Intercept Program, and he volunteers to help other veterans find freedom in Christ.

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