Wellness Spotlight – Brendan McNassar

Brendan McNassarBrendan McNassar has worked for Youth Villages/Christie Care in Oregon for four years. He worked for two years as a teacher counselor and has worked for the past two years as maintenance technician. Read his story to find out why he is our wellness spotlight this month.

“Since losing both my father and my oldest son to cancer, I’ve started working on building a quiet mind and a healthy body. My first step was quitting my 17-year smoking habit for the very last time. I succeeded and have been smoke-free for nearly two years. I began looking for opportunities to motivate myself toward positive change. I learned about the YV Wellness Log while attending the 2013 Employee Conference. I came back to Oregon enthusiastic and ready to go. Oregon has had teams participate in each of the challenges thus far and my co-workers participating alongside of me have been sources of great inspiration. My fitness goals for this first year have been moderate weight loss, but more importantly to work on heart health and diet. The YV Wellness Log has helped me pay closer attention to what I put into my body and the benefits of my workouts as well. The 2014 YV Satellite Race was my launch point into running. After completing the race in pretty good time and using the 10k pedometer challenge as a daily motivation to move and exercise, I decided to join YV Oregon’s first ever Hood To Coast team. HTC is a 199-mile, 12-person relay from Mt. Hood to the Oregon Coast. That has been my latest motivator to get up and run every (well, almost every) morning. I have worked hard to get here but there is a long way to go. My running gives my time to sort my thoughts and give myself a little pat on the back as well. We all need that. My new motto: No shortcuts.”


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