Clinical Consultant Lindsay Sgambellone earns New Hampshire license

Lindsay SgambelloneLindsay Sgambellone, clinical consultant at the Woburn office, recently became a licensed clinical mental health counselor in New Hampshire. Sgambellone is also a licensed mental health counselor in Massachusetts.

Sgambellone has been passionate about psychology since she took her first class in high school.

“I was fascinated in learning about the human brain and why people behave in particular ways,” she said.

Sgambellone had a particular interest in working with children and gravitated toward the atypical population. She was fascinated with autism spectrum disorders. It was those interests that influenced her to continue her education in the mental health counseling field and obtain her license.

To earn her New Hampshire license, Sgambellone was required to complete 3,600 clinical hours and 180 supervision hours. After completing the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination, she had to complete the New Hampshire licensure application and be reviewed by the New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice.

Sgambellone has worked for Youth Villages for seven years. She holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling with a concentration in child and adolescence and a minor in forensics from the University of Massachusetts and a bachelor’s degree from New England College. She is a member of the Massachusetts Association of Mental Health Counselors.

“I feel very fortunate to work for an agency that has supported me through this entire process, and now I have the ability to give back and support YV all alround the country!” she said.

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