Meet Ashly Neher, Clinical Supervisor in Columbus, Indiana

ashly neher“I love being able to look at the news and see what mountain my company just moved for a population.” Meet Ashly Neher, Clinical Supervisor in Columbus and learn about her experience with Youth Villages and why she loves living/working in this part of the state.

We are spotlighting many of our Indiana locations and staff this month! Indiana is the newest Youth Villages state and we are so excited to continue our growth there to help more kids and families. To join our team as a Family Intervention Specialist in Indiana, visit

1. What was your educational/experience background before coming to Youth Villages?

I worked on completing my Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling as a stay at home mom. I had worked previously in a day care and then was an employment specialist for Cass County. I knew I was called to do much more with families and youth and that is when I came to Youth Villages.

2. What do you love about living in the Columbus area? What do you do for fun?

I live in Greenwood, Indiana which is about 30 minutes from Columbus and also very close to downtown Indy (where there is so much to do). Greenwood has a low crime rate and feels like a small town in that I know my neighbors, feel safe, and know my children will get a good education through the school system or daycare center. I love being so close to the zoo, museum, as well as Brown county and southern Indiana which offer a lot to do in nature during the fall – my favorite time of the year. Shopping is also amazing as I am only a few minutes from Greenwood mall and Circle Center is only a 20 minute drive. I am close to concert venues and several amazing restaurants.

3. What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of my job is that there is not enough time in the day on some days to do all I want to do for my company, regions, families, and staff. I have so many great ideas and thoughts but not enough time to implement them all when I want.

4. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Youth Villages encompasses everything that I have ever wanted in a career. It is fast paced and ever changing – you NEVER get bored. I also love what we stand for. I get to go out, meet people every day, hear new stories and work to improve the lives of other people just by giving them the tools that empower them to improve their own lives and situations – AND as an added bonus, I get paid for it! I love being able to look at the news and see what mountain my company just moved for a population. I love that when we do something, we don’t just do it but we do it BIG. We see what is needed and we go for it with a “can do” attitude and we succeed in making a difference for children and families everywhere. Though the job is challenging I love every minute of it because I know bigger picture what I am doing for myself, my family, my community, children as a population, and families as a population. We truly do make a difference in the lives of others every single day! What more could you want?

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