Massachusetts TL staff build team despite distance

Team building is important at Youth Villages – even when a team of counselors is spread across a state!

Angela Soucie, TL clinical supervisor, oversees a team of TL staff from the Worcester and Springfield offices in Massachusetts. Soucie uses several creative approaches to help the five team members get to know each other, bond and work together. The team has recently held a meeting in Sturbridge, Mass., located halfway between the offices. They were able to meet outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, while interacting face to face. The team also enjoyed dinner together after the meeting. Soucie also regularly sends the team ice breaker emails that can reply all to, asking them questions such as, “What is your favorite night time snack?”, “If you could spend time with any celebrity dead or alive who would it be?” and “What was your favorite subject in school?” The emails help the team members find things they may have in common and break up difficult work days. Soucie says these interactions help the group grow stronger as a team and give them others that they can rely on in their professional and personal lives.

Mass TL 2 Mass TL

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