Thoughts from 2013 YV Summer Interns

ImageWe are going to miss our summer interns! We are so proud of them and all they have learned. We are so thankful for the impact they have made in the lives of the youth we serve. Take a look at quotes from what they’ve learned and are most proud of from summer 2013.

What I learned…

“I learned to be more flexible and be ready for things that may come up. I also learned to be more prepared than I was in the beginning of the internship.”

“I learned so many things. It is nice to know that I could make it through the summer and stay consistent and work with a population that is challenging. I learned there are also rewards and successes. I learned and recognized that the hiccups or setbacks aren’t definitive of where I am going or where the youth are going in the program. The YV success-oriented and strengths-based perspectives with the youth tend to spread to staff as well. It is great to see how far we have come and be able to measure our own success as well as the youth’s.”

“I definitely have grown personally. My eyes opened to a lot more in this world that I personally haven’t experienced and I am able to see things from other perspectives. I really did learn how to understand people based on where they are coming from – these youth aren’t acting out just because. A lot of things they’ve experienced explain why they act the way they do and I’ve learned how to work with that and handle that in a professional way.”

“I’ve learned patience is very important in working with troubled youth. Being patient is probably the most important thing and I didn’t think it was as big of a deal before starting. I realized I had to really grow in that area.”

“I learned how to build rapport with kids and not to be judgmental. I also learned new activities that I can use for any child with a disability or not for my major to work as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. I also learned how to be more organized with time and how with this population you have to be very precise with timing activities.”

What I am most proud of…

“Feeling like I actually helped the children. Getting feedback from a youth that was finishing treatment that told me I had really made a difference in his life.”

“I am most proud of the strides the youth in my cottage have made. A lot of them have very tough situations that they are coming from and are working against a lot of odds, but many of them have been showing me they are trying to move forward and heal. I am proud that setbacks in their life don’t define who they are or what they are going to do.”

“We did our intern project last week, and I was really proud that the youth were encouraging each other as we were doing these events. We had struggles with that throughout the summer and was so proud to see that our kids were really respectful of each other and their staff and really supporting each other.”

“I am most proud of the fact that I was able to connect with my group of girls, be with them during hard times, and make a difference in their lives this summer.”

“I am proud of the life skills lessons that I created and implemented and proud that the youth responded well to it. Also, for my intern project, myself and another intern put on a banquet for the kids. We got donations from local retailers and did a lot of coordinating, and it was successful so I am proud of putting that together.”

“I am most proud of the fact that I made an impact on at least some of the boys I worked with. Some of them would choose to process with me individually and they’ve told me about things they appreciate that I’ve done and said. I feel like they’ve taken a lot of things I have said and implemented them.”

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