Bloomington, IN has great things to offer

Rob A

Rob Atchison is an Intercept Regional Supervisor in Indiana. He is based out of the Youth Villages Bloomington office. Find out what he likes most about living in Bloomington.

Bloomington is great place to be because it is a college town. Indiana University is here so the area is always bustling with activity.  There are many sporting events to attend as well as fine arts activities all the time.  For the outdoor lovers there are many golf courses as well as state parks. For those that like to try out unique restaurants, Bloomington will have the most variety of ethnic foods that you will find in a city of this size.  Nearby is Nashville, IN, which is a prime location for tourists who like to come and stay in cabins for the weekend and go to the shops on the main strip.  It is a quaint little town with many local artists and delicacy shops. Indianapolis is only an hour away for those that like to go enjoy the big city life.

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