Stephanie Hawks, Intercept Clinical Supervisor in Bloomington, Indiana

Stephanie Hawks picYouth Villages is very different from other services across the state.  It is rare to find an organization of people only wanting what is best for the collective whole. It is wonderful to come to work every day with people who are equally passionate about the work that we do and the families we serve. 

YV is committed to each one of its employees’ success within the organization, professionally and personally. This organization actively strives to develop its staff into leaders who have the ability to foster change on a systems level. As a supervisor, I have the great opportunity to meet with staff members on a daily basis to help them define and reach their goals.

I also appreciate the growth opportunities that YV provides to its staff. There are always opportunities for movement within the organization, as YV looks for its leaders to come from the front line staff.  I was able to start my YV career in foster care as a counselor. After six months, I was promoted to a supervisor.  As I developed more, it became clear I wanted to have a stronger leadership role within the company. My supervisor encouraged me to explore other areas of the company that would allow for the growth I was looking for. 

My continued growth in the organization has led me to serving as a clinical supervisor in Bloomington, IN. As I transitioned to a new service area of the company, I continued to be supported. YV is a great organization to be a part of as they are committed to their staff and families on every level to promote success.

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