Meet Anna Milligan, former summer intern

If you are a current student, consider applying for our internship next summer! The application is already open and our deadlines are Nov. 1 and February 1. You can apply by visiting

Learn from Anna Milligan about her experience as a summer intern with Youth Villages:

Interning for Youth Villages was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I had the opportunity to get to know 18 youth over the course of a 10 week period in Memphis, TN. To say this summer was life changing would be an enormous understatement!

Going into the internship, I was very nervous. I did not know what to expect, and it was nerve racking to move to a rather large city where I did not know a single person. Upon meeting the other interns, my heart was warmed and I was so excited to get to know more about what we would be doing all summer. After orientation, I could not wait to get into the cottage I was assigned to at the Dogwood Campus. My cottage consisted of twelve 13-16 year old girls who had been abused. As you can imagine, they had incredible emotional issues. While it seems as though it would be tremendously depressing and sad to work with these individuals, not a single day went by where I did not share laughter with the girls. It was wonderful that at the end of the 10 weeks, I had noticed significant improvement in several of the girls.

Working with the girls was a challenge. I felt very fortunate to have a supervisor and staff members who were more than willing to help my intern partner and I along the way. One of the aspects of the internship that left me pleasantly surprised was how hands on the interns got to be. We were able to lead life skills lessons, process with the youth when they were upset and verbally deescalate youth.  We also introduced new activities and games into the cottages. We even learned how to do the required paperwork and note-taking that was necessary to keep funding for each of the youth.  There was never a dull moment in the cottages.

 I grew very close to each and every girl I worked with and leaving was extremely difficult for the youth and also for me. The main reason I am so appreciative of this opportunity to intern with such a magnificent company is that I learned that I was put on this Earth to help others. Youth Villages lit a spark in me that made me so passionate about helping these innocent children who want nothing more than to feel like they have someone who loves them and supports them. I am eternally grateful to Youth Villages, the staff I worked with and the youth who changed my life. It feels amazing to know that I played a part in changing someone’s life in a positive way.

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