Back to school with a Youth Villages Campus Representative

By: Taraleigh Watts, 2012 YV Summer Intern and Campus Representative

The fall semester at Freed-Hardeman University is well underway and word is already spreading about Youth Villages. As a YV campus representative, I am charged with going out and spreading the word about my summer internship experience and opportunities for students at Youth Villages. I have already spoken to professors about making presentations and organizing events throughout the semester to allow students and faculty to become involved in supporting YV. A professor and university counselor who teaches “Intervention for Population at Risk” seemed very interested in hearing about Youth Villages and felt it would add so much to the students’ experience in the class.

I am also working with Psi Chi, psychology honor society, and the Social Work Student Association to co-sponsor a clothes drive in November to benefit the youth in residential care at Youth Villages. Students are always excited about participating in community service projects.

Another event I am trying to work on is having an “All Girls” drive, in which female students donate a favorite shirt, a pair of pants, cute shoes or fun accessory to give to the girls at Youth Villages. This is rewarding on both ends – girls in a YV program can see that people truly care about providing for those who are trying to better their current situation and on our side, we learn sacrificing for others is a beautiful concept in life.

Only after making two Facebook statuses about YV, one of my friends messaged me and was interested in knowing about getting an internship with Youth Villages. I hope this semester I can continue to offer more opportunities for students to learn about Youth Villages and all the amazing services they have. Be looking out for Freed-Hardeman applicants. They are some of the most passionate individuals when it comes to working in this field.

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