John Eads, Summer Intern, reflects on his summer experience

My experience as a summer intern at Youth Villages has been an absolutely unforgettable one. Through working with Youth Villages, I have discovered that Youth Villages is anorganization that prides itself in truly upholding their mission: to help children and families live successfully. I believe that the training that Youth Villages provides to their employees is a vital component of fulfilling their mission statement. As an intern, I was provided with valuable training. The re-education of the emotionally disturbed youth (Re-Ed) philosophy that is utilized at Youth Villages is an excellent example of this training. Twelve principles are applied in various day to day activities in order to ensure that the youth at YV are provided the opportunity to learn and grow in the least restrictive environment possible. Full-time staff receive additional training that enables them to help the youth even more.

I would strongly encourage current college students to apply for the Youth Villages summer internship for several reasons. The internship is a great way to get professional experience that can help make you a viable candidate for entry level positions and top grad schools upon graduation. The internship also provides a great opportunity to get your feet wet in residential treatment facilities. This experience can help you decide whether this particular line of work is right for you without risking the real world pressures of securing and maintaining a job. Even if you decide that Youth Villages is not in your future, the internship experience will still provide you with great training, relevant work experience for those majoring in any of the social sciences and an unforgettable summer in the great city of Memphis, TN. The internship not only allows you to grow professionally, but also provides you with the opportunity to spend a summer in Memphis and make long-lasting friendships. Taking the time to explore the city on the weekends with new friends will forever be my greatest memory of the internship experience. I now have friends from Washington state to Connecticut that I can visit during my free time! Youth Villages also opened the door for great networking opportunities with people who will be going into the same line of work as me. 

 -John Eads, Social Work major at Murray State University

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