On the Road Again

Some companies have staff who are bi-coastal. Youth Villages isn’t that extreme, but we do have many staff who work out of more than one office. In East Tennessee, we have two staff members who work in both our Chattanooga and Knoxville offices.

Amy Sams is the Regional Supervisor over our Transitional Living and Therapeutic Foster Care programs in both offices. She has been with Youth Villages for nine and a half years, and started as an in-home counselor in our Johnson City, TN office. While with Youth Villages, Amy took advantage of our tuition reimbursement program and went back to school for her Master’s degree in Community Agency Counseling. Amy loves working for a company that has such an impact on the lives of children and families. She thinks that the support that we are able to provide to our staff is great, too! Julie Bauman is a Clinical Supervisor with our Therapeutic Foster Care program. She oversees counselors in both the Knoxville and Chattanooga offices. Julie has been with us for three years and started as a Foster Care Counselor before being promoted into her current role. Julie loves being able to support children whose current family life is unstable. She likes being able to encourage and support her foster families, as well as provide children in foster care with as normal a life as possible.

Working from two offices has benefits as well as challenges. Julie really enjoys the cultural diversity that working with children and families from two different cities presents. She notes that even though Chattanooga and Knoxville aren’t very far apart, our foster families in both areas tend to be very different! Amy really enjoys that she gets to work and network with such a wide variety of people and the two offices provide a lot of variety in her schedule. Some of the challenges that they noted are time management and making the time to know the staff in both places. Julie noted that she has addressed the time management challenge by adjusting her routines and making herself flexible to accomplish different tasks at different times than she might normally. Amy and Julie both love to listen to music on the drive between offices, and Julie also finds books on tape a great way to pass the time. Both ladies really enjoy the drive because it’s a mental vacation during the day!

If you think that Julie and Amy’s jobs sound great and are up for the rewards and challenges of working out of two offices, you can apply to work as a Foster Care Counselor with us. We are currently looking for a Master’s level social worker/counselor who is willing to split their time up between Knoxville and Chattanooga (approximately 80% in Knoxville/20% in Chattanooga). Please apply at: http://youthvillages.hodesiq.com/apply_online_1.asp?jobid=3135207

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