Meet Carla Bancroft in Dickson, TN

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We are hiring in Dickson, TN! Apply at Learn more about Carla Bancroft who works out of our Dickson office as a Senior Clinical Supervisor for our Intercept and Transitional Living program. Read about why she loves living in Dickson, TN and what her current position looks like.

How long have you lived in Dickson?

I was born in Dickson and left briefly to attend college. I worked for a brief time in Florida, but ultimately came back to be closer to my family.

What do you enjoy about working for Youth Villages?

One of the best things about working for Youth Villages is the flexibility and that is what initially “sold” me during my first interview. I like being able to mold my own schedule. Because of my great time management skills, I could easily prioritize my schedule and get my work done at my own pace when I was an in home specialist, which made the job much easier. I loved the position so much and was in the role for three years before becoming a supervisor. I am now a senior supervisor with Intercept and Transitional Living and the flexibility is the same. I work hard to make my job great by staying organized and training my staff to be the best they can be.

What does your position entail?

Being a clinical supervisor first entails supporting my staff. I make sure that they are staying abreast of their schedules, trainings, safety issues, etc. My team has two mandatory meetings a week: group supervision and consultation with our licensed consultant. My job is to review all of my staff’s treatment plans and give them feedback in group supervision. During that meeting, we come together as a team and review all cases according to priority. This meeting affords staff the opportunity to ask any questions about their direction with a family and get feedback and ideas from not only me, but their teammates as well. This structure offers great support and I appreciated it tremendously when I was a new specialist. As a clinical supervisor, I also review our census to measure our referrals and marketing, and check documentation cycle times and quality to adhere to Youth Villages mission and values.

What do you like most about Dickson, TN?

I love that Dickson is a small town that is close to a bigger metropolitan area (Nashville TN). We are only about a 30-40 min drive from the west side of Nashville but far away enough from the city life. My preference was to start a family in a smaller, safe community where there was a lot of trusted support for me. Dickson is small but there are many things to do. Also, housing and apartments are very affordable here which is a great benefit.

What are some fun things to do in Dickson, TN?

Dickson has a movie theater, golf courses, Montgomery State Park (I have camped there several times), skating rink, 2 bowling alleys, and a small strip mall although shopping in Nashville is not too far away. We also have WONDERFUL restaurants. Dickson has everything from “mom and pop” places, restaurants with homemade burgers, BBQ restaurants, coffee shops, and chain restaurants such as Logan’s, Applebee’s, etc. We also have all the fast food joints! My husband and I also like traveling to Nashville at least once a week for something and we love taking our little one there to do things.

What do you enjoy the most about working with our Intercept program?

I love that in the Intercept program we can help so many families that initially feel like they’ve done and tried everything. That challenge is what I personally love about my job. We work with youth and families that have severe behaviors and emotional issues. So, when we first meet a family they are usually pretty defeated. The challenge is getting that family to see that they can make a difference in their own lives without relying on others as much. Once you see that “lightbulb” go off with families, it is the best feeling ever. Helping parents and families recognize small successes is just as important as achieving the bigger goals. How would you describe the office culture and atmosphere at Youth Villages in Dickson? The Dickson office have staff that are extremely knowledgeable clinically. We have many senior counselors who “know the ropes” around pretty much every aspect of the job. We all hold ourselves accountable when it comes to meeting session requirements, documentation quality/timeliness, and successfully discharging families. It is a hardworking atmosphere much of the time because everyone is prioritizing getting their work done so they can have a better work/life balance. However, it can also be playful at times with lots of joking and laughing (and the occasional prank). We like to do office lunches together from time to time too.

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