Mobilized Crisis Services

While many might be familiar with our in-home and residential services, not as many people know that Youth Villages is the primary provider of psychiatric emergency services to youth in the state of Tennessee.  We have the unique opportunity of providing assessment and evaluation and follow-up services to youth in extreme crisis.  This all is possible because of our Triage Counselors and mobilized Specialized Crisis Counselors.  Our Triage counselors are experts at de-escelating and assessing situations over the phone.  Our mobilized Crisis Counselors can respond to emergencies across the entire state and help youth by assessing and de-escelating their situation, and providing recommendations to best serve the youth and their family.  We have a number of opportunities to join this program.  Our Specialized Crisis Counselor positions do require a Master’s degree and experience working with at-risk youth.  We have part-time positions as well as full-time positions in this program.

Consider joining our Specialized Crisis program in Johnson City, TN.  To learn more and apply, visit and select Johnson City, TN.

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