Sierra Kehoe on being Regional Supervisor in Greensboro, NC

Sierra Kehoe started working at Youth Villages as a Family Counselor. During her time with us, she has been promoted to Clinical Supervisor and is now the Regional Supervisor of our In Home Services Programs, based in our Greensboro, NC office. She joined our team because she was impressed with the continuum of services we provide to our children and families and the advancement opportunities available. Youth Villages has a culture of promoting leadership from within the organization and Sierra is a great example of a staff member who has developed her career here. Youth Villages emphasizes staff development and provides employees with tools to enhance their leadership skills.

Sierra chose to work within our In Home Services Program because she likes the opportunity to see clients in their natural home environment. Currently, North Carolina is looking to invest in programs that are cost effective as well as therapeutically effective for families. Our In Home Services program is not only cost effective serving clients in their homes, but it is convenient for families and enables counselors to gain insight into families’ lives to provide them with the most effective treatment.

Working in our Greensboro office, Sierra has the advantage of being centrally located. Sierra enjoys connects with staff from across the state for trainings and meetings. When she isn’t working, she loves the area, being only a few hours from both oceans and mountains. She takes advantage of the 40 miles of hiking trails around Lake Brandt with her family and loves taking her dog for a swim in the lake. The climate in Greensboro allows her to hike most of the year and Sierra chose the city because it has changing seasons but mild winters.

If you are interested in joining Sierra’s team as a Family Counselor in Greensboro, NC, you can apply online here.

Sierra looks for hardworking candidates who are passionate about helping families. The youth we serve are significantly at-risk and our therapy model requires staff to go above and beyond in helping families reach their goals.

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