YV 360 Career Development Program

It is hard to believe we are approaching month six of our 2011-2012 YV 360 program – and gearing up for our 2012-2013 program.  Some highlights of the past six months:

1. YV 360 Residential Teacher Counselor’s just completed their “Youth Villages’ Exposure Tour” complete with touring other campuses and programs, hearing from a panel of leaders, eating lunch with CEO Pat Lawler, and learning more information about the Clinical and Leadership tracks within the program for their second six months.

2. YV 360 Family Intervention Specialists came to Memphis for a 3-day training led by our Leadership Development department around Social Styles and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

3. Both groups have received futher clinical trainings/boosters around topics ranging from YV Treatment Design, to Engagement & Alignment and Crisis Management.

4. Goal-setting around self-care and resiliency was the focus of our YV 360 Family Intervention Specialists’ consultation last week.

Both programs have more consultations and trainings ahead.  We are also excited to be introducing a mentoring component of the program this year.  Our staff in both our YV 360 Intercept and Residential programs will be matched with a mentor for futher goal-setting and skill enhancement.

Don’t forget to apply for YV 360 before February 1 if you are an upcoming graduate! The program begins in June/July 2012 and locations will include Memphis, Knoxville, Johnson City, TN and Woburn and Worcester, MA.  To learn more and to apply visit www.youthvillages.org/360.

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