Youth Villages- ChristieCare of Oregon

Drumming at the Youth Villages- ChristieCare of Oregon merger ceremony. Youth Villages- ChristieCare of Oregon serves many Native American youth in the Pacific Northwest and we incorporate aspects of their culture into treatment.

Meet Bettyann Shafer, Lead Case Manager, and learn about our newest residential treatment program: Youth Villages- ChristieCare of Oregon.

What made you interested in moving to Portland?

I started working for ChristieCare 5 years ago upon receiving my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I grew up about an hour south of Portland and ChristieCare was what brought me to the area. I was introduced to Youth Villages through their collaboration and eventual merger in June of this year. 

What do you like about working for Youth Villages? What do you enjoy about your position?

I really enjoy the helpful team atmosphere.  I am able to rely on the team around me during the good moments and the challenges that arise when working with at risk youth.  My favorite part of the job is creating a welcoming environment for youth at intake.  This includes greeting the youth and family, providing information about the program, giving a tour, learning about the youth, and answering questions that arise.  I also enjoy working closely with the families and community treatment team members throughout the child’s stay.  I am a resource to answer questions and provide continued information.  I enjoy working for an agency whose values and philosophies put children first, encourage a child being at home with family, does what they say they will do, and encourages youth to experience joy daily.

What do you enjoy the most about working with our Christie Care program?

The ChristieCare team members help each other and remain focused on providing support, encouragement, a safe environment and respect to youth and their families.  This team recognizes all the struggles that the youth and families face when a child enters residential treatment. The team works daily to build strong healthy relationships with the youth.

What are some activities you all do with our youth?

In my role as Case Manager, I complete the intake process with youth.  I answer questions about the treatment process and provide a welcoming environment.  I spend time with the youth and acknowledge any feelings they have around entering a residential treatment program.  I get to know what the child enjoys so we can ensure that the youth experiences joy while in our programs.

How would you describe the office culture and atmosphere at Youth Villages in Oregon?

The office culture is inviting and fun.  The work is challenging yet very rewarding.  The team pulls together on a daily basis to create a program that pushes the youth towards growth but also allows the youth to have fun, just being kids.  All employees have experienced the good days and tough times that coincide with the difficult and important work that we do.  They use these experiences to support each other, add humor and fun to the work environment, and work towards progress with the youth.

What do you enjoy about living in the Portland area?

There are so many great things to do in Portland. Mainly, there are endless outdoor activities to enjoy like hiking and walking. Also, this area is close to the mountains for skiing and near the beach so you have the best of both worlds. Another thing I enjoy in the spring and summer are the farmer’s markets. It is a great place to live.

To learn more about our Behavioral Youth Counselor position in Portland, Oregon and to apply, click here.

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