Employee Conference and YV’s 25th Anniversary

Last week we celebrated Youth Villages’ 25th anniversary at our annual Employee Conference.  Employees ventured from all over the country to downtown Memphis at the Cook Convention Center where we heard from CEO Pat Lawler about what is on the horizon for Youth Villages and what we’ve accomplished this past year.  On top of learning we’ve served over 18,000 kids this past year and that Youth Villages’ employees donated $1 million back to the organization, we also learned that our employees have many hidden talents! Mississipi programs took the win with the annual skit contest, followed by our Dogwood Village campus and North Carolina programs. Staff performed to songs by teen idols of the past 25 years.  Coach Ken Carter and Erik Wahl were our keynote speakers and provided motivation and inspiration to nearly 1,600 of us in attendance. But, it wasn’t just fun and games.  We attended a variety of sessions with topics ranging from “How Changes in the US Economy and Attitudes Affect Social Welfare Provision”, “Motivational Interviewing: A Technique for Initiating Change”, to “Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing your Interpersonal Effectiveness.” Take a look at some photos highlighting conference below – just a glimpse of the fun we had last week!

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