Former interns impact youth while back at school

Special thanks to Daryn and Annie for collecting so many clothes for the youth in our programs! We are so glad you are able to impact kids at Youth Villages even while you are away at college. To join our team as a Summer 2012 intern, please apply now here.  Early application deadline: November 1, final application deadline: February 1. Read on to hear how they made a difference for Youth Villages kids at the University of South Carolina.

It all started with an idea. Annie and I wanted to give back to the kids and really meet a need for them. We both worked at Youth Villages as interns in Memphis, TN over the summer and noticed that our kids did not typically have enough clothing, and specifically, appropriate clothing for the season. After thinking about it and remembering a particular girl in residential treatment who wore the same pair of jeans and a long-sleeve shirt on days with a 120-degree heat index (typical Memphis summer weather), we decided that a clothing drive was the right idea. We are both on the Executive Board in Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology at University of South Carolina and we decided to use our resources there to make it happen. So, we went straight into planning, organizing, and advertising the event. When the date came, we ended up with 8 large garbage bags full of clothing and requests from faculty members to leave a box out over the next week for those who could not make it that day. After the final articles of clothing were collected, we had about 10 large bags of clothes and can’t wait to get them distributed to the kids at Youth Villages!

SO exciting to continue helping our kids even though we’re back at school!

Daryn Barker and Annie Beury



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