YV Staff: Work Hard and Play Hard

Here at YV, kids come first. We do all that we can to help children and families live successfully. And still manage to fit in time for shaving cream beards, diving for Spam and a family fishing rodeo. This is one great organization to be a part of.

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On June 22, our Operations Center hosted the Memphis-Area Youth Villages’ interns for a night of hilarious games. Part “Minute to Win it” part “Family Feud,” the annual intern game night is always a blast. We started by dividing into 4 teams of 18 interns, some of whom came straight from work toting along their signature YV fanny packs.  Happy for a break from campus food, these college students dove immediately into the Papa Johns that was stacked high in the conference room. Little did they know that throughout the night they would consume one gallon of whole milk, a gallon of ice cream, a large bag of fiery pork rinds, and a package of oreos; each part of games which required one or more interns to finish them off in less than a minute. More than one intern was seen making a break for bathroom throughout the night.

It was not all just food though. Their trivia skills were also tested with questions such as name 5 professional wrestlers, where were Peter Pan and the Lost Boys from and of course, being our Memphis interns, who lives at Graceland. For musical entertainment we had a nursery rhyme rap and a gargling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Don’t worry, the fun at YV is not reserved only for interns. Staff and the general public here in Memphis also had the opportunity to take a break from being the force for (other) families and spend some time with their own at the YV Family FunFest and Fishing Rodeo. This annual event is held at Appling Lake in Bartlett each year. In addition to competing for the biggest fish, families got to play carnival games, enjoy face painting, and make arts and crafts.

Our heaviest fish was caught by Savannah Shaw in the 10-12 year old age group. Her fish weighed in at 8 lbs. 7 oz. The heaviest string of fish was caught by William Holden Todd in our 6 and under age group. His string weighed in at 33 lbs. 9 oz. Despite that, some fish were left in the lake including the special white catfish so be sure to join us next year for more fishing fun.

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