Speaking Spanish to help families in Worcester, MA

Worchester_MassAt Youth Villages, many of our counselors in various locations across the country work with hispanic populations utilizing their bilingual skills to help youth with behavioral and emotional problems. We interviewed Rosa Quintana-Delgado, a Bilingual Family Intervention Specialist located in Worcester, MA, about why she chose to join Youth Villages, what she enjoys about the position, and what she loves about Worcester. Fun facts about Worcester: It is estimated to be the second largest city in New England outside of Boston and is home to many colleges and universities. For those not from Massachusetts, the town is pronounced “WOO-STAH” as opposed to “WAR-CHES-TAH.” Of course, you must leave off the “r” at the end of “Worcester” to pronounce it in an authentic Massachusetts accent!

What made you decide to join Youth Villages?

I initially started looking for a job because I needed a change. When I was in college, everyone told me that I would be underpaid and overstressed in this field. I quickly encountered this with my first job and had little support as most people were dealing with the same issues. I always came home very late and hardly had time to spend with my newborn daughter. I wanted to be happy and supported in my job and that was just not happening.  

I had a few job offers that I was considering at the time when I came to Youth Villages for my final interview. I was extremely pleased with the experience I had in the interview and hiring process. I was told up-front what was expected of me in the position, but I was also told what I could expect from Youth Villages. The amount of supervision and support that was offered was amazing. I never had seen or heard of anything like it in my experience. I loved that I would be playing such an important role in the lives of the families that I would be working with. But most of all, I knew that I would be able to be there for my own family. I had the flexibility to take my daughter to her appointments. All around, Youth Villages seemed to fit me and my lifestyle.

What do you do for fun in Worcester?

I love to spend time with my family. We go camping and to parks, beaches, and lakes. I spend as much time outdoors as I can. I go out with my friends from college to dinner every so often but mainly spend time with my kids. They make me laugh and are an amazing stress-reliever. There are also so many things to do with kids in Worcester like museums and The EcoTarium. The zoo is also close by and you can even catch a bus to get there.

What is your favorite part about living in Worcester?

I love that my family is all here. I have a big family and enjoy being around people all the time and being in Worcester allows this to happen.

What do you love about being a Bilingual Family Intervention Specialist at Youth Villages?

I moved from Puerto Rico to Worcester at a very young age. So one of the best parts of being a Bilingual Family Intervention Specialist is that I can tap into my culture. I have many great memories come back from doing so. Spanish is my primary language and being able to speak it at work is something I thoroughly enjoy. I have been in other jobs before where people were offended when I spoke Spanish. Here I get paid to utilize something of me that I love. Being bilingual is not just about speaking Spanish, it’s also about understanding the culture. It gives me the ability to better understand where my families are coming from and a better awareness of the reasons behind what they do that otherwise might seem strange to those not familiar with the culture.

How often do you use your Spanish-speaking skills with families?

I use my Spanish speaking skills every day with my families. While some of my families can speak and read English clearly, they understand better in Spanish and I am able to provide the most effective treatment for them. It is rare when I am not serving a bilingual family. I have also been able to cover more ground and travel to serve families not only in Worcester, but also in Springfield, Holyoke, and Lawrence, MA.

To learn more about becoming a Bilingual Family Intervention Specialist in Worcester, MA visit www.youthvillages.org/jobs. Ask about our relocation assistance!

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