Congratulations Spring and Summer Graduates!

In honor of you, we thought we would post a few job search tips for those considering a job in the social services field after graduation. Read on if you are looking for a productive break from your final exam studies and take a moment to enjoy this exciting time transitioning from college to career!

1. Know yourself.  This may sound obvious and silly, but you should take some time to establish short and long-term career goals and be prepared to share them with those you interview and speak with.  This will not only help the organization determine if you would be a good fit and successful there, but also help you narrow down which opportunities to focus your efforts on. Similarly, you should know your strengths, experience, and skills and be prepared to communicate those so employers know what you would be able to bring to the organization.

2. Do your research. Not thoroughly researching the organization and position you are applying for is one of the most common mistakes college students and recent graduates make. Take some notes, remember important facts, and understand to the best of your ability what the organization does and details about the position you are considering.  It is important to be ready and prepared in this way for any conversations you might have with staff at the organization. It can really illustrate your level of interest and help you to stand out among other candidates.

3. Tailor your résumé. While you may have a wealth of experience even at the undergraduate-level, be sure to highlight and elaborate on those volunteer, internship, and work experiences that are most relevant to the position you are pursuing.  You can do this by even labeling a section “Relevant Experience” and placing that near the top of your résumé. 

4. Don’t discount volunteer experience. If you do not have a lot of work experience or internship experience up to this point, do not fear.  Be sure to not undersell your involvement in volunteer work or on-campus activities.  Especially if you were a leader in these areas, treat that experience the same way you would a work experience on your résumé and in interviews. You may have gained valuable skills and experience through those opportunities, so highlight them explaining your title or role (even if it is just “volunteer”), the length of time or how frequently you were involved, and the details about what the activity entailed.

Congratulations and good luck to those students nearing graduation! Remember that we have full-time employment opportunities at Youth Villages for those graduating with their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  You can learn more at

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