McDill searches for family to help foster children

Garrett McDill works to find previously unidentified or lost family members who are willing to provide permanent adoptive homes for foster children who have been in the system for a long time.

Garrett McDill is part counselor, investigator and genealogist and full-time locator of family members and supports for many of Middle Tennessee’s youth. She’s been with Youth Villages for more than three years, and leads an effort to solve unique cases.

Read Garret’s story at

3 Responses to McDill searches for family to help foster children

  1. Peace Ibe says:

    I live in Atlanta-Georgia, and I have bachelors in Sociology and Gerontology studies.With time, I will like to do my master in phychology or social work or both. But first I am searching to get a job first. Can I serve at youth village if there is a job for me?

    • yvaubrey says:

      With your Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, you would only qualify for our Behavioral Youth Counselor positions in our residential treatment programs depending on what your experience looks like. The closest residential treatment program to you is in Douglasville, GA. Be sure to check our website to apply at

      • Peace Ibe says:

        Thanks for your reply, I will fill out an application again; if other positions becomes available, such as in foster care service, etc please do not fail to notify me.

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