Relocate to Dyersburg, Tennessee

Dyersburg is home to one of Youth Villages’ Tennessee offices. Our counselors in the Dyersburg office working with families, foster parents, and youth in the community. We are currently hiring Foster Care Counselors as well as Family Intervention Specialists in the area, so we wanted to share some quick facts with you. We asked Michael Vowell, our Regional Supervisor for Youth Villages’ Treatment Foster Care program in Rural West Tennessee, to answer a few questions about what it is like living and working in Dyersburg.

1. Where is Dyersburg located? What is the size of Dyersburg?

Dyersburg is located in upper northwestern Tennessee, next to the Missouri line (about 15 miles to Missouri). Dyersburg’s proximity to other states and big cities makes enjoying conveniences and attractions in many different areas a possibility. However, Dyersburg maintains its small town feel with a population of about 17,500.

2. What is there to do for fun in Dyersburg?

Dyersburg has a mall, park, nice movie theater, good shopping and food outlets (Japanese, Chinese, BBQ, basic fast foods, pizza places, etc). There are also community organizations for men and women to get involved in as well as several different churches. There are many small festivals and a farmer’s market that go on throughout the year. The park has a walking track and there is also a track at Dyersburg State College as well as many community sporting events that take place. For those looking for bigger venues, there is a lot to do and see in Jackson, TN (45 minute drive) and Memphis, TN (2 hour drive).               

3. What is the cost of living like?

Dyersburg is a very affordable place to live. The estimated median house or condo value in 2009 was approximately $92,000.

4. What is the Youth Villages’ office culture like in Dyersburg?

It is very friendly, open, and laid-back while maintaining a hard-working business-like atmosphere. The people are easy to get along with and work very well together.

5. What is unique about Youth Villages’ Treatment Foster Care and working for Youth Villages in general?

In Youth Villages’ Treatment Foster Care program, we help the youth find permanency whether that is by returning home or through adoptions. In Treatment Foster Care, we have specially trained foster parents that are equipped to care for youth with emotional and behavioral problems.

Working at Youth Villages in either our Foster Care Counselor or Family Intervention Specialist role, you have flexibility. While we work with the schedules of the schedules of the foster parents or families and youth, this still allows for a flexible There is also a great amount of supervision, support, and office time as well to build relationships with team mates and supervisors through individual, group, clinical consultation meetings and paperwork. Youth Villages’ A counselor is on call for their cases from Monday – Friday, but they rotate on-call with others on their teams on weekends which helps them to have a better work / life balance.

2 Responses to Relocate to Dyersburg, Tennessee

  1. Kendras says:

    Hi, my name is Kendras Reed. I am currently looking for employment in the area of home assistance. I have recently graduated from Jackson State University with a BA in Psychology and currently attending grad-school at Capella Universtiy in Marriage & Family Therapy. Are there any opportunities avaliable for me?

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Kendras – we don’t have any openings in Dyersburg at this time, but feel free to check back in at The opporunities that we occasionally have that might meet your qualifications would be in our Intercept program (Family Intervention Specialist position) and our Transitional Living program (Transitional Living Specialist position). While both of these positions travel into the homes and communities of our clients, it would be much more than home assistance. In Intercept we use a systems-based approach, working closely with the family, to treat a child/adolescent with behavioral and emotional problems and in our Transitional Living program we are working with young adults aging out of state custody or foster care that need additional treatment and support. If you have any other questions, please let us know!

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