Summer Intern FAQs Answered Here

With all the cold weather lately, we figured it would be nice to think about the summer. Your Summer Internship FAQs are answered here by Tangela, a 2010 Summer Intern.

There is still time to apply for our paid summer internship! The deadline is February 1. Visit here to learn more and apply.

What are some of the most valuable things you learned from the internship at Youth Villages?

I learned patience! Working with the youth requires a lot of patience and understanding. I also learned that teamwork between the staff is important. If the staff are not on the same page then the youth won’t be either.

What is your favorite memory from the summer internship?

There are too many! I had one youth who wants to become a famous rapper. Every night he would rap his new material for the staff before he went bed. It was hilarious! He would really get into the zone by putting on his shades and perform as if he was on a real stage. It brought me much joy to see him put his heart into his passion.

What was the most challenging part of the internship?

The most challenging part was the internship coming to an end. I had so much fun while learning a lot about myself and the youth. It takes a special person to work with youth that have such deep emotional and behavioral problems. I would tell any future interns to expect the unexpected. Some days will be good and some will be not so good, but that’s when you remind yourself what you’re here for and that’s what makes it a rewarding job!

What kind of support is offered to you as a summer intern?

I received the most support from the staff that I worked with everyday. If I needed to talk or had a problem they were there to support me and could relate to my issues because they dealt with them every day. I really felt like I was a part of the team and not just an “intern”. I also gained support from my fellow interns, recruiters, and Residential Coordinators during consultations each week.

What did you do in weekly consultations?

Each week the interns met with some of the recruiters and staff to talk about everything that was going on that week. If you had good or bad news to report, the consultations were structured for us to let it all out. Also in consultations some of the staff would share personal stories so that we would feel like we were not alone in the daily challenges we face with behaviorally-challenged youth. We would do different activities and look at specific scenarios and the proper ways to handle them.

31 Responses to Summer Intern FAQs Answered Here

  1. Keven Ulrich says:

    Interesting! By the sound of the time you spent there, much was given to the children and you learned much as well. From a 3rd year social work major at Florida A&M University, I look forward to applying and hopefully working with the team and kids! -Keven Ulrich

    • yvaubrey says:

      Great! Be sure to apply in the fall! We should have our application open once the school year begins for next summer and usually our final deadline is around February 1st.

  2. Michael Gomes says:

    I live in New Jersey. Is room and Board offered to interns who are from a distance?

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Michael,

      That is a great question. We have a local university that offers housing to students who are interning with us during the summer internship time frame (Christian Brothers University). However, the housing cost is the interns responsibility and the payment comes directly out of your internship paycheck to the university if you choose this option. Most interns from out of town do stay there and utilize this option. Hope this helps! An estimated cost should be sent to you when you are offered the internship.

  3. Katie says:

    I was hoping to apply for the summer 2013 internship, but am only looking for internships in MA. Is it possible to intern for the Youth Villages branch in the areas in Massachusetts? Thanks!

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Katie,

      We place most of our summer interns in our Memphis Residential programs since it offers the most hands-on experience since it is a 40 hour per week internship. We typically have more fall/spring internships in other offices. But, we can check on the possibility of an internship in Massachusetts in the summer!

  4. Sheridan Chambers says:

    When should applicants expect to hear if they have been selected? Will we also be notified if we are not selected? I’m so excited to have found out about this opportunity!

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Sheridan,

      If you applied after our November 1st deadline, then you may not here a final outcome until mid-March once we’ve made our second round of selections. However, you should hear something sooner regarding an interview with Sister Barbara Spencer, or if we aren’t considering your application for some reason, we would notify you as well. Hopefully you will hear something in the next few weeks around the next step.

  5. JoAnn Kwan says:

    Hello, I just received an email from the psychology department of my university about this opportunity. Unfortunately I realize it is cutting close to the deadline for applications! I was wondering, precisely what kind of intern are you looking for? I am pursuing my elementary education and psychology degrees simultaneously. I have a growing passion to serve children facing issues of psychopathology, but I am also aspiring to become a teacher. Would that fall in line with the interns you are expecting?

    Thank you,


    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi JoAnn,

      We are glad you heard about the internship. We do look for social services majors, so Psychology works great. We don’t have placements in our schools this summer, but your skills would still be helpful in one of our cottages/courtyards with the youth helping to plan activities for them outside of school. We also look for students who would be interested in coming back to work for Youth Villages, and we do have full-time Teaching opportunities at Youth Villages available to students after graduation. We wish you luck in the application process and let us know if you have any further questions.

  6. Taylor says:

    This program sounds like a great opportunity! I applied late last month and receivced email from Sister Barbara Spencer. So I hope get accepted! However I noticed that YV offers fall/spring internships that can be received for credit. Can the summer internship be received for credit as well? I talked to my intern coordinator about it and she said it’s okay for me to apply as long as the program understands the Internship guidelines. I’m really excited about working there.

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Taylor,

      Yes, we will try to meet your internship requirements for you to be able to get credit. I would send those requirements over to Sister Barbara if you are accepted as soon as possible to make sure it is something that we can accomodate. We have had interns complete the internship for credit in the summer in the past so it should not be a problem. Sometimes universities won’t allow you to do it for credit and get paid, but some will. That is just something to check-in with your school about. Best of luck!

  7. Dazmine says:

    I am interested in joining a internship, the problem is i have not yet begin my Social Work classes. I am currently working on my AA degree. But i am fully aware of Social work field and would like to get a better view at what is expected from a Social Worker. I can say i have semi-experience in the job field are, which is likely similar to social workers work enviroment ( I believe). When can i apply.

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Dazmine,

      In order to be considered for our internship positions, you do need to be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. Once you start your coursework or are enrolled and are a rising junior, you should be elligible. You may want to consider our volunteer opportunities and mentoring opportunities before that time which you can learn more about at

  8. Lauren says:


    My name is Lauren and I got accepted to be an intern this summer at Youth Villages! I was wondering when I should be expecting the housing packet and other forms to come to my home? Also , do you know what dorm it is that we stay on at CBU?

    Thank you!

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for your message. Housing will be at the Capstone Apartments at CBU. Sister Barbara will be getting you more information around housing but we do not know exactly when that will be but hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

  9. Abby Shehan says:

    Hi, was just wondering what weeks of summer this internship usually runs through?

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Abby! Our program usually begins the day after Memorial Day and runs ten weeks from Memorial Day. So, it looks like for next summer that will be Tuesday, May 27 – Friday, August 1st.

  10. Shannon Jesberg says:

    Hi I was just wondering approx. how much it costs for housing and if the paycheck for the internship will cover that and other living expenses? I’m looking to apply for this internship for summer 2014, but I won’t have other sources of outside income to pay for expenses besides what is provided through the internship. Thanks!

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Shannon,

      Great questions. We are not 100% sure on how much housing will cost this year for Memphis interns using the local university’s campus (Christian Brothers University), but in previous years it has cost approximately $125 per week. Interns are paid $8 per hour for 10 week internship in the summer (working 40 hours each week). One of our campuses that is in Linden, TN has free housing on-site but only takes a few interns in the summer, whereas Memphis takes about 55-60. Hope this helps!

  11. Natasha says:

    I was wondering how many interns get accepted? Out of how many applications?

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Natasha,
      We usually get about 600 applications for 65-70 summer internship positions. That doesn’t mean that everyone that applies initially meets the qualifications, so don’t let that deter you from applying!

  12. Breanna says:

    I was wondering, on the weekends would you be able to leave campus (in Memphis) or is it required that you stay on campus at all times?

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Breanna,

      In Memphis you typically have 2 days off (Saturday and Sunday) during the summer internship and you don’t have to be on-campus at Youth Villages. You wouldn’t actually be living on our campuses (but could choose to use a local university’s housing). In Nashville and Linden, the schedule may be slightly different but you would typically have 2 days off a week, and when you are not scheduled to work would not need to be in town/on the campuses.

  13. Kelsey says:

    If we applied before the November 1st deadline, when should we expect to hear back by? Both for interviews and for final decisions?

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Kelsey,

      Once you’ve applied, you should hear something back within 2-3 weeks if you are invited to interview by phone or not (we will let you know either way). Then, we will notify students that applied before Nov. 1 of their status (accepted, not selected, or waitlisted) by mid-December. Hope this helps. We are glad you are interested in Youth Villages!

  14. Nicole Ashley says:

    Hello, I have two questions: are all summer interns undergraduate students or are there masters level students as well? I’ve accepted my internship offer, however I’ll be coming from New Jersey in most cases, what do people usually do to get to Memphis travel wise? Fly, train, drive? Thanks!

    • yvaubrey says:

      We have mostly undergraduate students in the summer, but do place a few graduate-level students to work with our Master’s level clinicians. Most students drive so they can have their vehicles with them for the summer, but some do fly. It is your preference! If you will not be bringing a car and will be staying at Christian Brothers University, please notify Sister Barbara ( so she can make sure she connects you with someone that you could carpool with to and from the campus you are working at. We look forward to having you with us this summer!

  15. Laura Craven says:

    Hi! I just recently submitted my application and I was wondering, are the references form due before our application is considered complete? or could I possible hear a response about whether or not I’m being considered before the references forms are received?

    • yvaubrey says:

      Hi Laura,

      Great question – our summer internship manager will be working on interviewing students between now and March. We will likely make our selections in early or mid-March and it is in your best interest to have your recommendations in at that time as they can help your application. You are welcome to wait to see if you receive an interview with our internship manager, but we would encourage to get the recommendations completed as soon as possible so the individuals you choose have enough time to complete them.

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