Employee Conference Recap

One of the reasons I love working at Youth Villages… our annual Employee Conference! Once a year in the second week of November, YV employees from around the nation come together in Memphis for three days of learning, fun, and celebrating the successes of the past year at Youth Villages.

This was only my second annual YV conference, but nonetheless very exciting. We celebrated with more seasoned employees, including our CEO, Pat Lawler, and Internship Manager, Sister Barbara Spencer, who reached their “30 years of service” at Youth Villages! They are certainly an inspiration. Additionally, we learned that Youth Villages served 16,295 children and their families this past year – a 17% increase from last year. Finally, another exciting announcement came followed by a drum roll from our Therapeutic Drumming leaders; our employees donated a total of $940,000 back to Youth Villages to continue to serve youth and families more effectively.

While we have the opportunity sharpen relevant skills and gain knowledge in breakout sessions, the most unique part of conference has to be our skit night. The theme was “Broadway Night” this year and I think many of our counselors must be in their second career (their first being on Broadway). I am always amazed at the talent that emerges during this fun night of conference! We saw skits from Chicago, Grease, The Lion King and many more.

The conference wrapped up with a touching closing. We were able to hear from Youth Villages clients that had been impacted by our services and staff. We heard from a family that was able to be reunited through our Intercept program and from an amazing college student, who had been in our Transitional Living program and is now supported throughout her college years by the YV Scholars program and her mentor, one of the leadership staff at Youth Villages. 

To see pictures of this exciting three-day conference, visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/youthvillages

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