Interview Do’s: Prepare

Let’s face it, interviewing is often a gut-wrenching, nerve-racking experience. If you’re like me, you always walk away wondering: “Did I really convey my experiences, passion, and interest in the position? Did I sound like a complete idiot? Did I ask the right questions? Did I talk too much or too little?” 

In order to walk away from an interview with confidence, here is a simple tip: prepare.

  • Go to the company’s website and play around. You can find out a lot about an organization by visiting their website. What is their mission statement? Can you get a sense of the company’s culture? What do the employees have to say about their organization? Are there opportunities for you to grow professionally?


  • Carefully review the job description. What are specific skills that are required or desired? Evaluate your own skill set. Be prepared to show how your skills and experiences align with the job duties and responsibilities of the position. Even if your experience isn’t an exact match, identify transferable skills. Maybe in your previous job, you worked directly with customers in a sales capacity… how can those customer service skills you developed translate to this position?


  • Come prepared with questions. I recommend preparing questions beforehand and bringing them to the interview. By asking relevant questions, it lets me know that you looked into the company and the position, and are interested not just in any job, but in this job.  I’ve had candidates that have asked me questions that they seem to pull out of…well you know where, or that are clearly related to another position that they applied for. Trust me, that is the quickest way to tick off your interviewer and eliminate any chance you have for being considered for the position.   


Be prepared to show this is an organization and a position for which you are passionate about and one that aligns with your career goals and qualifications. If you don’t take the time to do your research on the front end, I’m not going to waste my time filling out your new hire paper work.

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  1. Great article! Thank you!

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