In the words of an intern…

As the summer came to a close and our interns parted ways, one reflected on what she would miss (and maybe not so much) about her experience in Memphis and the summer internship at Youth Villages. 

So there are many things that I will truly miss from my time here in Memphis, and other things that are just funny, and I’ll miss them for the laughs they brought us… or the frustrations… and there’s also many things I won’t miss!

I won’t miss. . .

– Memphis heat! (It is currently 94 degrees, feels like 109, we are in an excessive heat warning, and the high for tomorrow is 100, so really like 110, 115… this has been all summer! High for Tuesday is 103, then 101…do you see a pattern?!)
– southern bugs.
– working from 2-10, and getting home at 10:30. Man, that’s late.
– buying my own groceries. (love you Mom!)
– my boys being in crisis and having Unit called to the cottage, sometimes multiple times a day.
– seeing my boys off-task.
– sitting outside in the heat while the boys swim!
– the smell of the cottage! (at least the bedrooms!)
– being broke.
– what this heat does to my hair!
– having a freezer that only freezes sometimes.
– being over 1,000 miles away from the loves of my life.
– Sam’s obnoxious games. (okay, some of them were fun)
– these random bites on my arms. (hoping whatever they are from stays in Memphis!)
– having to wear sneakers (tennis shoes) every day to work. Can’t wait to live in my sandals and flip flops again!
– Maria reminding me that I am old! (I was probably the oldest intern living in the apartment)
– my dinner being that free cafeteria food 5 days a week!
– scanning those bedrooms every 10 minutes! Sorry TCs, your turn again!
– … I guess I’m going to miss a lot more than I thought.

But, I’ll miss . . .

– living in an apartment building with some of the finest young adults in the country.
– hearing/seeing the Christian Brother’s University security ride by our complex in their golf cart at all hours.
– my daily walk from the apartment to the gym on campus.
– our daily carpool with the Bartlett campus interns.
– having my own apartment!
– the ‘Bama girls living below me!
– my bed here which is bigger than my bed at home.
– my roommates Molly and Keeley.
– eating apples and peanut butter w/ Keeley.
– our group walks around the campus and the block the campus sat on.
– our frequent stops at Sonic after work for my usual Reeses Sonic Blast.
– seeing our mail magically appear next to our TV when we returned home from work.
– Wilson delivering out mail/packages at 10:30 when we got home from work.
– Martin knocking, and then walking into our apartment like he lives there.
– dinner’s out with my amazing intern family.
– the Bible study we had 2x at the apartment. lol.
– Tennessee thunderstorms.
– going to Life Church.
– my amazing staff of Cottage 4R.
– my boys from 4R. Go Ravens!
– 100 calorie snack packs at work.
– watching the girls cottage on the cameras.
– canoeing on the gross Bartlett lake.
– free dinner at the cafeteria at work every night. (not gourmet, but free!)
– seeing my boys make progress in their treatment, and getting discharged.
– being so close to Mercy Ministries. (I’ll treasure the experience I had there forever.)
– eating breakfast at Brother Juniper’s.
– wonderful southern accents. (especially Logan and Drea!)
– driving down Poplar and Union Ave.
– having 2 TCBY’s super close to the apartment! Parfaits!
– pumping my own gas.
– Sister Barbara!
– my amazing intern family.

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