Why Youth Villages?

There are several different reasons why working at Youth Villages might interest you.  Here’s my personal Top 10 list…hopefully you will agree!

10.  Youth Villages was included in the 50 Best Nonprofits to work for in 2010.

9.  Want to further your education?  We offer 100% tuition and licensure reimbursement.

8.  If you live in the state of TN, you’ll get to sport a one-of-a-kind Youth Villages license plate.  You’ll be driving in style!

7.  No more worrying about you or your family’s health care coverage!  Youth Villages has great benefits–we offer medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage.

6.  Want to start fresh in a new city?  Expansion is on the rise!  We’re currently located in 10 different states plus the District of Columbia.

5.  YV employees take pride in getting fit and staying healthy.  Join the staff softball team or sign up for Zumba classes!  You can participate in the Weight Watchers program or even get a personal trainer.

4.  You won’t have to wonder, “Am I really making a difference?”  Results show that we are a highly effective non-profit agency.  88% of our youth are discharged successfully and 83% continue to remain successful after 24 months.

3.  We use the latest technology to help counselors spend less time with computers and more time helping kids.

2.  Looking for a leadership role?  After only 6 months of experience at Youth Villages, employees are eligible for career advancement.  YV offers several trainings and workshops to help develop our staff into top-notch leaders!

1.  Our mission is to help children and families live successfully.  I’d say that’s a pretty noteworthy cause!

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