What is your interviewer thinking?

Well, if your interview is Sally… then READ ON!
Searching for a job is a full-time job in itself. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could read the interviewer’s mind so that you could answer the questions perfectly?! That would be nice for you, but not nearly as much fun for us. We’d much rather ask you the tough questions and watch you squirm. Right? Not so much. Here are 5 things that I (the interviewer) am thinking while you’re sitting in the hot seat. 
1. There is no perfect answer

The questions I am asking you are designed to measure your whole personality and qualifications for the job, not to see how well you studied your Interviews for Dummies book.   And, yes, we can tell the difference in a rehearsed and a genuine answer.  We want to get to know you so that we (hopefully) can hire you to strengthen our organization!

2. Please ask questions

And don’t apologize!  If you are asking me questions, there is a good chance you have a real interest in our company and what we do.  Also, I don’t want to hire anyone who would take a job without knowing all of the details.  Now, that said, if you ask me questions you could have found on our website or in the job description I sent you… NEXT!

3. Laugh!

There is nothing that will make me dislike you more than you not laughing at my joke.   Even if you’re nervous, try to relax and be aware of the mood that the interviewer sets during the interview and try to follow suit.  If they laugh and are casual, then you laugh and be casual too..etc. On the flip side, if your interviewer is super-serious (which is no fun) you may want to skip the jokes.

4. Don’t try to sell me on my company

Chances are if I am interviewing and/or recruiting you for a job then I already think my company is awesome.  It’s great that you read every word on our website and can tell me how this is your dream job because you LOVE what we do.  A healthy degree of enthusiasm shows me that you are passionate about joining our company, but if you overdo it you can come off as a little manic and honestly… you’re wasting my time.

5. Let me know that you actually have a life (outside of work)

I don’t need to know your whole life story, but if you have a chance in our conversation to throw in a tidbit about yourself-take it!  Don’t tell me that you would be willing to work all nights and weekends “just to get the job done”, because if you are not willing to take care of yourself- you won’t last very long with us.

About yvsal
Sally Eddins is a staff recruiter for Youth Villages. She focuses on candidate and hiring manager relations and developing strategies to fill open positions quickly. Sally enjoys live music, hiking, playing with her dog, reading, and slowly becoming more tech savvy.

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