My Saving Graceland

As a college relations recruiter, I had the opportunity to go on the Summer Intern outing to Graceland! I am a Memphian, born and raised, but I had not once been to Graceland even though I am an Elvis fan.

You may wonder, “if you love Elvis so much, why had you never taken the initiative to go to Graceland?” Well, I have a million excuses, and just to name a few: it is too far from my house, it is too expensive, and I’d heard it’s not that great. News Flash!! Graceland is awesome.  We were able to see Elvis’ cars and airplanes in addition to the mansion. It was cool to say the least!   

Of course, the interns had a great time too! We have a great summer intern program here at Youth Villages. The majority of our interns are placed in Memphis, TN in our residential programs.  They have the opportunity to get to know the area and each other through our Summer Intern Events.  We also have a number of fall and spring internship opportunities in Memphis and beyond. To learn more about applying for our internships, please visit

To view more photos of this event, click here!

About YVFlyHigh
Allison recruits the brightest and the best from colleges and universities around the country to join the Youth Villages team. She loves her job so much she might seem obsessed, but don't sign her up for the show on A&E.

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