What’s your red rubber ball?

What is your red rubber ball?

A recent exercise that we did last Thursday with a group of our summer interns inspired this post and also got me thinking about red rubber balls. For those not familiar with Kevin Carroll or his books, you may be wondering what inappropriate meaning is behind this statement. Fortunately, none.

Kevin Carroll translates one of his childhood passions into a philosophy for his adult life – make what you enjoy your life’s work. While this is an oversimplification, the gist of the red rubber ball concept is that it is what makes you “tick” (to use another analogy) OR what motivates you.

If more people challenged themselves to clarify what their red rubber ball is and took steps to align that red rubber ball with everything they do, there would be many more effective organizations and fulfilled people. I encourage you to determine the answers. Examine what you are doing now. And figure out how to make your red rubber ball your career. Who knows, maybe you will chase your red rubber ball to a career at Youth Villages!

What would you do for free?

What activities enthrall you?

What in life do you find irresistible? A Reason to get out of bed in the morning?

What dream do you chase?

What topics do you love to discuss & ponder?

What is your primal source of joy?

– Aubrey

2 Responses to What’s your red rubber ball?

  1. this is a very interestsing topic and i’m glad we talked about it… I think it’s always important to sit back and think what really motivates us to do the things we do..one of my favorite intern consultations…

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